Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey, who are you, me, anyone to judge?

Although I have a deep belief in a higher power, I get extremely annoyed by people who constantly preach as a way of judging others yet fail to practice what they preach. I met a 50-60ish lady at my workplace a few months ago. Our first (and for the most part, only) conversation was how she would not tolerate being talked about and does not believe in that as God is the only one qualified to judge others. (I had not spoken about her as I had never met her before, but I felt as if I were being warned.) Then about ten minutes later I heard her making racists inuendo to a person of her own race about a person of another race. As much as I tried to ignore that and go on with my own business, I've heard like comments since. Then, just a few minutes ago, I hear her (loudly) preaching to another co-worker about judgment and how God does not like those who judge others.
Here lies my struggle: I have witnessed several times her abject dislike and disdain for those of other races. Now, I am not one to throw in the race card but when it's obvious, it's obvious. Being the environment and clientelle we work with, I really feel that she should have to respect others and keep her 'witnessing' to herself; especially when it is used as a thinly veiled disguise for dislike and judgment. If a client or co-worker mentions anything outside of her idea of "right", she does not hesitate to correct them, citing scripture and, to my ears, opinion. I feel that she often steps out of line and have considered either nicely confronting her or seeking higher counsel. What would you do? I have tried ignoring it and I realize that you never know what goes on in another persons life. Yet, I and others are entitled to a comfortable work environment without having to be subjected to her diatribe. Any suggestions?