Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blue Monday: Something to hold on to

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I woke up this morning feeling quite grouchy and cranky. No particular reason, just not feeling especially friendly. (Ok, so I wrote this last Tuesday, thinking it was Monday ((which was a Holiday)) but my mood hasn't changed much.)
I realized that it's Blue Monday, actually a favorite day of mine. Being that I'm "out of sorts" and my Spouse-elect is not around, I decided that a big Teddy is just might be what I need to get back on emotional track. You can hug him too, if you need to. I don't mind sharing. Just don't drool on him. Tears are ok.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What the Heck have I gotten myself into?

The Queen is disgruntled. I am so not looking forward to school being out. I feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. These, PEOPLE, in my house are making me crazy. I'm convinced that my mothers' curse worked. You know the one. "I hope your kids one day put you through what I go through with you, only worse!" I'm SURE it's working.

Let me give you a clue. Just a little "inside" on my distress. My beloved other half is TDY--Temporary Duty-- for several months. So it's just me and the babies. Both girls, one is 15 and the other is an old 12. Already feeling my pain? So we have puberty, attitude, sneakiness, hatefulness, lying, sneakiness, conniving, manipulating, forgetfulness, sneakiness X2. (Re-use of the word sneakiness is intended.) School is actually a place to go to hang out; nay, decent grades are not necessary as long as you're popular. Obviously things have changed from my time in high school and junior high because it is now considered "Cool" to be cute but dumb. I mean, fail a year means an extra year of daytime social school. Attending class on time is no requirement because you get more attention from teachers and students alike when you make your tardy but grand entrance. Merely a nuisance to pay attention in class. Saturday school for excessive tardies? Clearly another gathering day for the dumb but cute.

My fifteen year old is my super sneaky diva. She has Daddy's charm (as well as his devotion, yes, I went there.) Pretty with grande's, if you know what I mean, she can smile and make the teacher believe it's his/her fault she doesn't ever do her class or homework. Very, very skilled at the "poor me" and "Look how adorable I am" manipulation. About the only two people in the world it doesn't (always) work on is her natural mother and myself. She manages to skate through a lot of things, including Daddy's wrath, based on the above mentioned skills. Yes, I know what you're thinking, it does cause a lot of extremely heated discussions between Dad and I. He's just as charmed as the rest of the world. I, however, am not.

Now, the twelve year old. My girl, really. OK, so we're not supposed to have favorites but this is where I invoke the "step-moms'" right to choose. I am the hardest on her. I have great expectations for her and get frustrated that she's, well, lazy. It's easier for her to guess or say "I don't know" rather than take the risk of her being wrong or having to actually engage in the thinking process. She's also the silent rebel. How? you may ask. Sit down. This may take a minute.

So far this year we've replaced the garage door, pulled cat litter and paper towels out of the toilet, lost objects that were right there. Other things show up mysteriously broken or marred. I'm sure I'm missing some act of defiance in my rush to get to my main complaint: her bedroom carpet.

I spent close to $200 a few months ago having the carpets through out my house professionally cleaned. I've been fairly strict thus far about shoes, food, drinks, etc.. But alas, my precious girl has most definitely one-upped me. I walked in her room last weekend after a particularly hormonal and argumentative weekend with my little cherubs. When I walked in, it took awhile for my eyes to focus, I think mainly from disbelief or denial, on the destruction of this bedroom. My sweet princess had taken apart several magic markers, you know, where it has the long strip of inked cotton-like material, and splatter painted her room. Not just the wall, but brand new comforter and curtain set, and, best of all, the entire carpet in her bedroom. No matter what you do, magic marker does not come out of beige carpet. Nope. Steam cleaner, please. Hand scrubbing with various substances and potions makes a clean but magic markered carpet. Horrified yet? It continues.

The following morning I was awakened by "MoooooooM, the dogs got out. So I go plodding out into the back yard to check that spot in the fence that I fix (rig) often. When I stepped from my deck to the ground, several inches of water covered my feet to the ankles. Now mind you, I'd been awake all of 30 seconds so my brain could not give me a quick explanation of why I was standing in a small lake. As I blink my eyes and try to make sense of it all, I realize that my in- ground pool is just shimmering in the early morning light. How beautiful.....WAIT! The pool is filled to the very top and water is cascading over the edge. Holy cow! Suddenly my brain kicks into gear and I realize that the garden hose was in the pool, turned on full blast, and had been there since about 5:30 pm the following night. I look around my very wide back yard and realize that not only about 400 feet (or more) of my back yard is flooded but my neighbors yard is too. So I rush over, turn off the hose, yank it out of the pool with several expletives flying out of my mouth, then just stand there. Just stand there. Slowly my chin drops to my chest and I just stand there, that is, until the dogs come barrelling in the gate that had been left open by my beloved 12 year old. My mind was dumbstruck, especially since this was the first time EVER that she' d decided to add water to the pool. That's my job.

Yes, I do drink a glass or 3 of wine at night after they are in bed. I often contemplate taking up smoking again or some mind numbing drugs. If I seem to have aged in the last 4 months, go figure. I want a vacation, I NEED A VACATION.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Picture by: By quangkhuon01g at Photobucket
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The absolute beauty of nature can be both intriguing and terrifying. This picture caused me gasp at the rawness of that which we take for granted. Take a moment to observe the beauty of each new day; whatever it may bring.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Foodie Friday - The Queenz Choice Salad

At the suggestion of my friend Yira from earlymorningpeace, I am participating in this fun event, Foodie Friday, hosted by Gollum from Designs by Gollum.

It seems as you grow, ahem, wiser....more experienced, that your tastes change. I have found that I enjoy food the fresher the better, especially a good but easy to make salad. On occasion I might add a few chunks of Parmesan chicken and strawberries.....

Photo by *T*

OK so I admit this is not my picture but it's close. I got a little carried away and ate my salad before I had a chance to take pictures to show off.

My personal favorite....hmmm, well one of my personal favorites I have named:

The Queenz Choice Salad


Red lettuce
Iceberg lettuce

Very thinly sliced cucumber and tomato.
Garlic salt and freshly ground pepper.
Ground orange peel and/or lemon peel add quite the zest to a salad.
No need for salad dressing.
You can add sliced almond if so desired.
Toss thoroughly.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Monday- A place to rest my mind

My first blue monday.  This is hosted by Smiling Sally.  Visit her site for more on the blue side of town.

~   ~   ~

I am dreaming of a quiet, peaceful place in nature.  This is my blue.  The ocean, an umbrella and the Blue Hawaiian you can't see :-)  Maybe soon I'll be there.

photo by neloqua

Friday, May 8, 2009


Photo by Nauman Umair

Not so quietly they creep, as not to be detected. Loud whispers and giggles erupt. Shhhhhh! reverberates around the room, penetrating the barrier of the door to the room in which I was sleeping. Oh, it's still so early this Mother's Day morn.

The creaking of doors and the slamming of drawers makes further sleep impossible. Small arguments and the banging of pans would awaken even the heaviest sleeper. Soon the glorious scent of coffee fills the air, and, oh, is that bacon? I hear " you make the toast" followed by another loud "Shhhh"; giggles once again. The clatter of plates and flatware draw closer, closer still. Anticipating that the door will soon open I nestle further into my bed, pretending to be in an oblivious sleep. I hear "wait, wait, we forgot the coffee" and an impatient moan. The thud of a coffee cup hits the counter, soon followed by a stirring sound. The patter of quick but steady feet halt in front of my door. Slowly, ever so slowly, my door opens. I can sense the peeking and hear the shifting of their precious load.

Yet again, a giggle. Continuing my pretend slumber, I seem not to notice the movement around me. The tray table is opened with the greatest of care. The food and condiments are settled upon it. Suddenly, a pressure on the mattress, then more. I lazily shift my position and pretend to awaken; seeming not to be aware at all.

As I open my eyes my TV comes on. I focus to see what's going on in my room. To my astonishment I find...

My precious children sitting on the end of my bed eating their freshly cooked food and watching cartoons.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Sorry
"I love you" she whispered
"I know you do"
He said as he turned his face from her view
"I need you"
she pleaded
"I hear what you've said"
He responded softly as he lowered his head
"Please, wait a moment" she implored
As he turned away
Not knowing what to do
or what to say
"Please, just listen" she begged
As he looked at her once again
"I, I just really do not want this to end"
"I'm sorry my love"
she stated
As her eyes filled with fear
Then reaching forward she draws him near
"I went too far"
She mumbles, afraid of what he'll say
Worried she'll awaken to an empty day
"You are my world, my love"
She murmurs in his ear"
I promise
I'll never again
drink the last beer"

Copyright ©2009 Lurleen D England

Monday, May 4, 2009

Today I'd like to.....

Have only positive thoughts.
Get a 2 hour full body massage.
Get a new hair cut. Something hot momma.
Not get sniped at by my 11 year old.
Not have to wonder if my 15 year old is telling the truth.
Magically get all the yard work done without breaking a sweat.
Tell my significant (b)other how much he means to me.
Make my friends laugh.
Finally clean my bedroom.
Get caught up on the laundry.
Write or say something inspiring.