Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Sorry
"I love you" she whispered
"I know you do"
He said as he turned his face from her view
"I need you"
she pleaded
"I hear what you've said"
He responded softly as he lowered his head
"Please, wait a moment" she implored
As he turned away
Not knowing what to do
or what to say
"Please, just listen" she begged
As he looked at her once again
"I, I just really do not want this to end"
"I'm sorry my love"
she stated
As her eyes filled with fear
Then reaching forward she draws him near
"I went too far"
She mumbles, afraid of what he'll say
Worried she'll awaken to an empty day
"You are my world, my love"
She murmurs in his ear"
I promise
I'll never again
drink the last beer"

Copyright ©2009 Lurleen D England

1 comment:

  1. I think it's so cool that this poem is published on Lulu Poetry ( with your other poems. Keep up the good work, someday you'll print a whole book of poems.