Monday, May 12, 2014


     I have been hearing and reading about the uproar over homosexuality and displays of PDA. However, has anyone noticed how the commercials are cramming other opinions down our throats? How about the television show titles that teach our children how to spell and say certain words?
     I saw a Norelco shaver COMMERCIAL (I think it was Norelco) that shows a man saying "I'd fu*& me with a useless sensor tape over his mouth. What about the anti-abortion commercial that shows a growing... sensitivity for the mothers who lost babies. And we have no choices as to whether or not to be exposed to it. Sure, we can turn off the TV, but it's likely we've already been exposed.
     As a society, we need to grow up and be sensitive about issues that matter instead of trying to change everyone to believe in what an individual believes in. I am offended by the cussing and sexual content that goes on around us and although I have a mouth on me, I choose not to use vulgarity standing in the grocery line behind a family that has small children. How about all people, straight, gay, religious, nonreligious, etc., keep certain behaviors and opinions within the confines of your own home or using proper forums to discuss it? How about the media stop worrying about lining their pockets and think about what they are exposing others to?

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