Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today on Maury........

OMG to infinity!!! I admit with shame that in the several months I've been laid off from work that I've come to the point of watching Maury Povich (sp?) regularly. Todays subject is about teens that have sex with multiple partners and so on. Ugh. As the mother of an overdeveloped 15 year old girl and a rapidly developing 12 year old I have to say that, whew, thank God for my girls. The fifteen year old is boy crazy, at times girl crazy, as seems to be in-vogue these days. I have recently put an alarm system on my house for the people on the inside. Yet, after watching this show as well as listening to the tales of other mothers, I think I may still have some control. How much? Not sure, it tends to fluctuate. For how long? I don't know but am grateful for each day.

The 15 year old is fairly transparent and tends to tell on herself. The one that scares me is the 12 year old. She has three older sisters that have done it all. I've convinced myself that if I were to search her room I'd find several volumes of notes she'd taken on "How to break the rules and not get caught". One of the older girls keeps telling me to "keep your eye on that one". Hmmm. I hope after all the lessons they taught me that I know what to look for. However, this one may come to show that she will be the inventor of a few more tricks. Let us pray......


  1. Seriously, Maury? Girls, aren't they just wonderful? I was never such a terror- no way, not me. My parents will probably say something else- just don't ask. Will pray with you that our teens make it past 22 :-)